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Congratulations on St. Nicholas Day!

Congratulations on St. Nicholas Day!

TUSO congratulates you on the great religious holiday - St. Nicholas Day!

When cold the winds blow,
And comes the white snow,
Then look out for good Saint Nick.
He comes in a sleigh
From miles, miles away.

Everyone, from children to adults, loves Nicholas. Everyone believes in the wonderful power and magic of this fabulous day. This is another reason to make pleasant gifts to your close people.

Your favorite jewelry salon, too, does not cease to amaze its viewers with pleasant surprises. Therefore, today, ordering items from the Orthodox collection, each of you will receive a prayer book as a gift, which you can always carry with you, and it will protect you from all evil.
May your faith always live in your hearts in a fairy tale and a miracle!

With Love TUSO

19 декабря 2017 90

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