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The collection of men's jewelry TUSO is a combination of style, safety and restraint.

Elena Bevz
A unique jewelry that will become a special feature of the image of each man. A well-chosen jewelry accentuate the flawless sense of style and status of its owner.
TUSO collection of souvenirs is a selection of exclusive products that will be an excellent gift or a refined decoration for the home. Every thing in this collection - not just elegant jewely, it is endowed with the ability to keep emotions and memories.

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 The results of the action are generous in August
The results of the action are generous in August
TUSO News | 16.09.19
The action "Generous August" made many participants happy:As a result, 20 viewers received a cash prize: ⠀Let's c...
Action for the TYUSO Carpathian Pearl 7th Anniversary
Action for the TYUSO Carpathian Pearl 7th Anniversary
TUSO News | 13.09.19
We have prepared for you an incredible action for TUSO's birthday!This is a unique opportunity to win a trip to the sana...
 A charity event
A charity event "The beauty that saves lives"
TUSO News | 06.09.19
Again, together with the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and the Svichado Foundation, as part of the charity project Gift of...
Consumer Choice 2018
Consumer Choice 2018
TUSO News | 04.09.19
Dear viewers!We have confirmed the title of the best jewelry salon of Ukraine by receiving the Consumer Choice Award 201...


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16 hours of only live broadcast every day, 8 Ukrainian TV channels, continuous work 7 days a week. 24 regions watch TV salon TUSO from the most remote village of the Carpathian region to the most eastern point of the Lugansk region.

Each day we deliver jewelry that you choose to thousands of localities of our country. All Ukraine is with us!