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Height: 168 cm.

Eye color: green

Education: Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and TV University by Karpenko-Kary

Favorite book: "The Thorn Birds" Colleen McCullough and "Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo.

I always take with me: good mood, crosses and a bottle of plain water.

The motto of my life: Do not expect miracles, create the miracle by yourself!!!

Hobbies: beading embroidery icons, opening interesting new parts of Ukraine.

About me: Born and raised in the beautiful city - Kiev. All of my childhood I was busy in various courses, but above all I preferred scenic and theater - it helped to determine the future profession. After school, I entered to the University by Karpenko-Kary and after this, I worked as an actress in the theater almost 9 years. In addition to theater work, I was leading the children's parties.

How I come to TUSO: I have always been fond of jewelry - from my grandmother I inherited a love of natural stones and jewelry made of precious metals. I was very glad when received an invitation to the casting of TUSO because it was the opportunity to transform children's delight to work. After successfully passing the first stage of the casting, I suffered a nuisance: the day before the next test, I fell on the stairs and badly injured a leg. Each step was given me with great difficulty, but I still took the final casting. Then I waited for two months of intensive training, consultation with jewelers and many new and interesting things from the world of jewelry ... Finally! In December 21, 2015, I went to my first broadcast!

My life off the air: I grew up in a large family with three brothers, so the family since childhood is the most important for me. All of us already have our own families and children, but we still are very close to each other. I have my own little miracle - little son Sasha, whom I am pleased to dedicate the every free moment. I also do not forget about my childhood`s dream - theater, and occasionally playing in performances and shooting in the movies.


There is an interesting parable, which I`ve recently read. Perhaps it is because of this parable I realized that it is enough to be "an ugly duckling." I really want every girl and woman to know about the parable!"Once upon a time two friends were in searching of love. In search of their halves, they were ready to get around the whole earth, finally to find worthy companions for themselves. So they went to round the world journey in search of love.For a long time they swam and in one day they ar...
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In my heart there is a place for all minerals and rocks, but, of course, impossible to love them all equally. So I want to talk about my favorites.The first place in my life takes a zircon! Nice, clean, dazzling and seductive, it captivates with its strength. First of all, it is a mineral whose history includes more than 4.5 billion years! Stone, which participated in the creation of life on our planet. One of the first minerals on Earth! Its strength, like a strength of diamond, its brilliance,...
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Not for nothing, the female sex is considered beautiful. To decorate this world with beauty and grace is our vocation. Of course, each of us has a bad mood or bad days, when we do not want to pay attention to our appearance. However, even at such moments, it should be remembered that there are people near whom it is important to see us beautiful and smiling.For a long time watching the happy families, who together for 30-40-50 years, I noticed a distinct tendency: in these couples the woman artf...
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Every mother knows that there aren`t 24 hours in a day, but all 48! At least it should be like that to have time to do all their affairs. 10 years ago, I always complained that I desperately short of time – it seemed impossible to study, to spend enough time with family and friends, to work, and even engage in some hobby at the same time. But then my small miracle was born, and now, believe me, I know for sure - you can catch it all!Once, flipping through the feed, I read the excellent advice th...
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The TV presenter of TUSO Alina again with you! But today I will not speak in the way of presenter of TUSO but as well as myself. I am a professional actress, and I am well aware that playing of myself - a most difficult task. But really, I do not see anything heavy in it.When you're happy to be here and now, the ability to be yourself brings a great pleasure.Over 9 years I put into practice various theatrical role - playing romantic and dramatic heroines, but only recently I`ve got my dream role...
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