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Height: 168 cm.

Eyes: The color of dark chocolate

Education: higher

Favorite book: "The fate of Sale" by Stephen King and that where reserve is saving

Favorite movie: "Devil's Advocate," "Law & Order," "Christmas Vacation"

The most often I listen: the silence. I recommend you!

Favorite food: fresh bread!

I always take with me to the shooting: a large cappuccino without sugar.

The motto of my life: I can do everything!

The dream of life: work - for fun and preferably somewhere on the ocean.

What I love in myself: the ability to indulge in favorite work and to find interesting solutions.

Hobbies: Once upon a time, I admired professional fitness bikini. However, now I prefer strong and healthy sleeping.

About: Friends jokingly call me a perpetual engine. I can`t live without work, in order to feel alive, I have to be occupied by something. As a child, I dreamed to become a detective like Sherlock Holmes. In adult life it realized to delight in a fine detective genre. If you managed to spend an evening with the new detective novel or watching an interesting movie detective - it can already be considered to be ideal. I have not so much friends, but those whom I have - really "friends" with a capital letter. The one valuable friend was gave me by TUSO, but I`ll tell you this story later.

How I come to TUSO: Fate brought us. We are made for each other.

My life off the air: now I implementing an interesting project for me. However, I won`t say what is exactly (a woman should be a mysterious). Free minute I dedicate to my favorite hobby - sleeping.