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Height: 168 cm.

Eyes: The color of dark chocolate

Education: higher

Favorite book: "The fate of Sale" by Stephen King and that where reserve is saving

Favorite movie: "Devil's Advocate," "Law & Order," "Christmas Vacation"

The most often I listen: the silence. I recommend you!

Favorite food: fresh bread!

I always take with me to the shooting: a large cappuccino without sugar.

The motto of my life: I can do everything!

The dream of life: work - for fun and preferably somewhere on the ocean.

What I love in myself: the ability to indulge in favorite work and to find interesting solutions.

Hobbies: Once upon a time, I admired professional fitness bikini. However, now I prefer strong and healthy sleeping.

About: Friends jokingly call me a perpetual engine. I can`t live without work, in order to feel alive, I have to be occupied by something. As a child, I dreamed to become a detective like Sherlock Holmes. In adult life it realized to delight in a fine detective genre. If you managed to spend an evening with the new detective novel or watching an interesting movie detective - it can already be considered to be ideal. I have not so much friends, but those whom I have - really "friends" with a capital letter. The one valuable friend was gave me by TUSO, but I`ll tell you this story later.

How I come to TUSO: Fate brought us. We are made for each other.

My life off the air: now I implementing an interesting project for me. However, I won`t say what is exactly (a woman should be a mysterious). Free minute I dedicate to my favorite hobby - sleeping.


The summer comes in a couple months and everyone is storming the internet by requests "how to lose weight in the shortest time", sitting on a diet and buying subscription to the sports hall. Or conversely sitting back thinking that is plenty of time and you can start working nearly on the 31th of May. Do you recognize yourself? Then you will be interested to read more.I thought that now when everybody try to put themselves in decent shape for the summer, my advices as a former professional fitne...
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Hello everyone!One day I was curious to try yourself as a blogger, and I started writing this post. For me this is a new page in life and exciting experience. First of all, a few words about myrself. I am the TUSO presenter, true artist, optimist and workaholic. About workaholism I have not exaggerated: the work is a hobby for me, and I feel uncomfortable when I sit a while. In the past I was an sportsman, so the phrase "motion is a life" became my motto in life.
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