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Height: 167 cm.

Eye Color: Brown

Education: processing

Favorite books: I prefer the authors-postmodernists. I love performances by Jean Cocteau. My favorite among them is "A human voice."

Favorite movie: a family comedy "Home Alone" and noir masterpiece of Luc Besson's "Angel-A".

Often I listen to: rock and alternative. In the morning before the broadcast or trainings this music invigorates better than a cup of coffee!

Favorite food: salads, salads and salad again!

I always take with me to the shooting: smartphone, wallet, tablet, favorite perfume and a book of poems by Anna Akhmatova or Nicholay Gumilev.

The motto of my life: Never give up!

The dream of a lifetime: to give a unique music album or a film that will receive the title of "cult".

What I love in myself: my special sense of humor.

Hobbies: I study the history of art in the theory and practice cooking. In addition, it is hard to resist of viewing quality comedy shows.

About: When I was a child I decided to become a musician, and since then I have steadily moving to my dream. For 5 years I was fond of the professional vocals and piano. In 12 years, parents gave me the first camera – and to dreams of a musical career added another: the blue screens. The first steps were to my own script and first video. Stuffed my hand in the director's skill with great honor received the post of captain KVN school in grade 10.

How I come to TUSO: My darling grandmother is a spectator TUSO for four years. When I was invited to training, I decided to surprise her and not to tell anyone about new job. You can`t imagine how she rejoiced when saw me on TV at the first time!

My life off the air: My friends company at the same time is a great creative team, we are helping each other to implement all plans and creative ideas. I often write songs and I clip with them. Another integral part of my life is education. I try to take all the pleasant advantages and experiences of the title of "student"!

Decorations in my clips

Jewelry and accessories - a small parts of the whole image, and despite its small size, they have a great power, emphasizing the beauty and reveals our inner world.My art - an expression of my inner "I", the way I see the world and feel life. In their songs, I try to be fully opened to the audience, to bring them my senses and emotions. Therefore naturalness and harmony important for me in my clips.I used to choose clothes and accessories in the style of minimalism, so they do not distract atten...
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I've always been drawn to fashion and new trends. The best new items can be traced on the Internet, on the pages of Instagram or by following the broadcasts of TUSO. I realized a very simple thing: there are so many styles that you can create your own ones using already known. Thus, you can always remain in the trend and at the same time have your own individual zest in the image.Watching the fashion shows, I naturally pay a great attention to jewelry and accessories. Among the latest trends, I ...
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The paradox, but for some reason for us usually is necessary to seek reasons to tune in to a positive. While bad mood so easily able to seize our thoughts and feelings. And it is so bad feeling, it seems nothing light will not be able to break through the murky cloud, but the exit of this state still exists...The thoughts are material – it is not a secret for anybody. However, mostly we are starting to believe in this rule when dreaming of a trip to Bali, the new IPhone or raise at work. But in ...
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Like all students, once I faced the question: study, work, or both? Without thinking twice, I decided to take a chance and bet on my strength. Then I came to TUSO. For about a year, I've been working and studying in a non-stop mode and I have some tips for student workers.The first advice to a working student is not to underestimate yourself! Choosing a place of work, most students for some reason immediately run into the service sector. I have nothing against this type of earnings, but why wast...
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I live music and art

Hello, dear reader!It seems that we have seen with you! Similarly, in a live television TUSO jewelry stores. It's time to get to know us better.So I Diana - TUSO presenter, musician and diligent student. Walks through life with the motto "Never give up", which helps me to reach new heights and find ways to implement his "I".I have many hobbies, which can talk endlessly and with an incredible thrill. So that, perhaps, Go now.Well, I live music and art. My best interlocutor of 5 years is invariabl...
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