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Height: 179 cm

Eye color: gray-green

Education: Faculty of Foreign Languages, Moscow State University, specialty "English Language and Literature" (German, Italian)

Favorite book: very hard to name one or even several. Reading is my favorite leisure activity. I have nearly 50 favorite books: From ancient authors to the modern in various genres / types / forms. This list is regularly updates.

Favorite music: I listen and classics (Beethoven, Bach, Chopin), and rock (Scorpions, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd). If I want to dance - Latin American rhythms, RnB, pop. I love 90's music (it returns me to the childhood), Ukrainian folk songs and polyphony direction "trans" in electronic music. The voices that in my heart forever: Эlvis Presley, Bruno Peletye, Muslim Magomayev.

Favorite movies: I am the film fan, I watch countless art and documental films. Now I`m watching again the classics-directors: 40-50 Golden era of Hollywood.

Favorite food: Pies and donuts that my grandmother bakes; skewers of all kinds of meat, which makes my dad; and all the first-second dishes and desserts prepared by my beloved mum - she is the best cook in the world – she cocks quick and tasty everything!

I always take with me to the shooting: good humor and sincere smile.

What I love in myself: openness and loyalty to the principles and to the people.

Motto in life: Road is overcame to the one who goes.

About me: I am very demanding to myself and I always try to become better in the beloved job. I believe that this is the secret of success. The main I consider the ability to see only good around.

I'm in TUSO: since the founding Television Jewelry shop, and proud of it. Here I found my second family and beloved work, where I forget about all the problems.

My life off the air: like to spend the time with family and friends.