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 A charity event

A charity event "The beauty that saves lives"

Again, together with the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and the Svichado Foundation, as part of the charity project Gift of Doom, we are launching a Beauty to Save Life campaign, which will give millions of people hope for a timely diagnosis of cancer. For this you need to collect 204 500 UAH.

Currently, there is only one laboratory for the diagnosis of onco-hematological diseases in children in Ukraine, and the diagnosis of adults in general has fallen short of current requirements and standards for years. Its importance in cancer treatment cannot be overstated. For the doctor to know what is going on in the blood and in the patient's cells means choosing the right weapon against the disease and the best tactics. The main thing is to get such data quickly and one hundred percent reliably. Then the chance of healing the patient is almost doubled.

They use high-tech equipment, including centrifuges. The centrifuge prepares the patient's blood samples for further research, dividing it into the required fractions: plasma and cells.
Treatment for one patient with lymphoma or leukemia may take several years. During this time, he needs to perform hundreds of analyzes. One centrifuge can help make quality diagnostics and in-treatment research for thousands of patients annually, which means saving millions of lives.

Let's get a centrifuge together for the Kiev Regional Oncology Center. The availability of the necessary equipment will allow timely detection and diagnosis of blood cancer, as well as monitor the treatment process in both adults and children. In order to join the action and make your own drop of good, add a charity card for only UAH 5 or a magnet for UAH 10 to your order and help diagnose cancer on time. It is perhaps your contribution that will be decisive in many people's lives.

You can also make a donation, regardless of TUSO. Visit the web site of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and make a contribution directly to the fund. You have the ability to transfer funds as you wish, or even anonymously.

Let's take care of the people of our country together!
Join TUSO and make priceless gifts of fate!

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