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A generous winter in TUSO

A generous winter in TUSO

Dear customers, you will surely agree that this winter is very generous with gifts, surprises, pranks, discounts and promotions at TUSO.
February gave you a great opportunity to win luxury jewelry prizes: a pendant, earrings and a ring - or all three jewelry. Hurry, time is short - today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

But you can still get exclusive gifts from TUSO.
Now unprecedented discounts are on the air - 25% for silver products.
Take advantage of these opportunities, because very soon the women's holiday - March 8.
The best friends of the girls are jewelry.

Only for you, when winter is still close, and TUSO has already released an inspiring spring collection of jewelry – «The Great Spring Poem» - our author - the jeweler has created simply magical poetic work with bright details.
Therefore, use the latest gifts of winter, because spring is near, and with it new gifts, promotions, sweepstakes and discounts...

26 февраля 2019 47

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