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Aroma TUSO

Aroma TUSO

Exclusive perfume, dedicated to the anniversary of the brand TUSO!

The TV salon TUSO will present an exclusive limited version of the female fragrance titled "TUSO". The author and developer of this perfume composition became the famous Ukrainian perfumer Dan Khotos - author of more than 200 fragrances. From the latest interesting works of Dan, you can note the fragrance "Absolute" for the tobacco brand Davidoff and a line of exclusive bottles of decorative concrete for the design spirit "UNO" brand Komashnya.

In addition to creating fragrances, the perfumer is involved in the aromatic accompaniment of events. Dan Hotos is a participant of the Ukrainian Fashion Week 2015 and 2016.

The fragrance of "TUSO" has become another work of art, developed in the workshop of DH.

An unusual luxurious combination of top notes: bergamot, ginger, grapefruit, raspberry, almonds.
Secrets of heart notes will surprise with a flower bouquet: basil, chamomile, cedar, coconut, geranium, Indian jasmine, lavender, Bulgarian rose.
The path of sensuality of the basic notes: vanilla, amber, cinnamon, sugar powder, caramel, patchouli, vetiver.
Composition "TUSO" is a multicomponent, multidimensional, precious, rare stone that represents luxury, individuality and inner beauty of a woman.

The release of the perfume composition dedicated to the company's five-year anniversary, with love and gratitude to every future owner of the limited edition of the fragrance "TUSO".

Therefore, you will become one of the 100 first lucky ones who will enjoy the sensual and precious aroma from TUSO!

She is seductive, relaxed and mysterious...

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