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Celebrates its fourth anniversary

Celebrates its fourth anniversary

TUSO company celebrates its fourth anniversary.
During this time the popular TV jewelry salon Ukraine managed to take high ratings in television broadcast and earn the trust of viewers all over Ukraine, offering quality products at reasonable prices.

This excellent result - it is primarily the work of people who thanks to their talent every day brings TUSO name of the company to a new level. The results of their work day sees the whole Ukraine, but of those who have "heart" and "brain" best TV lounge Ukraine, the general public knows little.

Viewers TUSO long wondered who is behind the work of your favorite TV Jewelry Salon. TUSO received many questions from its loyal audience and decided to answer them in a new special section "TUSO-history."

In "TUSO-stories" you wait for a lot of interesting information about those who do TYUSO success and reach their career goals with the best jewelry stores. Interviews with leading directors and TUSO, history of major professional success of experts, professional tips and secrets and a lot of interesting material about the everyday life of your favorite TV jewelry salon.

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