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Charitable collection of jewelry

Charitable collection of jewelry "Gift of Fate"

As part of a charity event from TUSO "A gift of fate",
especially for Children's Day,
the TV show presents an exclusive collection of special jeweler.
These decorations are filled with kindness and tenderness,
because they are created with special love and attractiveness.

The name of the action is very symbolic and has a deep meaning, because our lawsuit is to help newborn children who already in the first minutes of life need this support and help from us...

Get these jewelry and enjoy yourself, and the children have a chance to live! With this gesture, you will get a triple pleasure - aesthetic beauty for yourself, the “gift of fate” of the smallest, and fill this world with a big drop of kindness.

We will transfer part of the proceeds to the charity fund. You can also make your contribution, regardless of TUSO, go to the website of the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and contribute directly to the fund. You can transfer funds with wishes or even anonymously. Your kindness will be a ticket to a happy future for millions of children.

27 мая 2019 25

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