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Charity event from TUSO

Charity event from TUSO "A gift of fate"

"Without children it would have been impossible to love humanity like that".
These are the words of the famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Indeed, children are a bright light.
And the mission of every adult is to do everything possible so that this light will shine constantly and never fade away.

That is why the TUSO TV Jewelry Salon, together with the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and the Svitchado Foundation, is launching a large charity event that will give a chance for the lives of millions of Ukraines children.

Especially for the Children's Day, we announce a fundraising for the purchase of medical equipment in perinatal centers that are designed to save the lives of premature babies.

Each TUSO client also has the opportunity to join a charity event and bring in a drop of kindness for the light.
Add to your order a charity postcard for only 5 hryvnia and help newborn children see this world. Perhaps it is your contribution that will be decisive in the life of a child, and perhaps not even one, but thousands of children.

For you, we have created a whole special collection of jewelry. Buying these values, you make a contribution to a charitable foundation.
You can also make your contribution, regardless of TUSO, go to the Ukrainian Charity Exchange website and make a contribution directly to the fund. You can transfer funds with wishes or even anonymously. Your kindness will be a ticket to a happy future for millions of children.
Care is the most important thing. TUSO

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