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Crosses for yourself and as a gift

Crosses for yourself and as a gift

Crosses are evidence of human faith.
During your life, besides the cross on your neck, which you received during the sacrament of baptism,
you can already consciously choose a cross or a pendant in the form of a decorative cross.
Some useful information. Our ancestors did not allow themselves to wear crosses over their clothes.
Even shirts in Russ were sewn with a slanting collar so that the cross would not fall out.

The fact is that, according to church ministers, in this way a person seems to be boasting about his belonging to a religion, is proud of it. And pride, according to the Bible, is a terrible sin.
Only priests can wear crosses over clothes. The pectoral cross and the priests are hidden under their clothes in the same way as the parishioners.
Do not wear amulets and zodiac signs on the same chain with a cross. Priests are advised not to wear a cross in a bag, in the ear in the form of an earring or on a bracelet.

Usually the cross is presented to Christians, birthdays, to adulthood, major Orthodox holidays, to the beloved person you want to protect. It should be noted that this gift always symbolizes purity of thoughts and sincerity of desires, it is received only by close and dear people. Indeed, if you already have a cross for your body, pick yourself a decorative cross. This is an elegant decoration, a fashion that will never pass. Decorative cross will be a good addition to your image and perfectly highlight the solemnity of the moment.
Therefore, we invite you to the online store TUSO or include our broadcasts and choose wearable crosses, amulets or decorative crosses for every taste.

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