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Every detail matters in jewelry

Every detail matters in jewelry

Let us talk about imitation stones
Last time we revealed important secrets about synthetic stone to you, and today, at your request,
we will talk about imitation of stone.
Indeed, it is very important for each client to know whether it is worth buying jewelry with artificial stones at all,
what are the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Imitation stones are mainly made of glass, so they are very similar to the gems that were made in the glass workshops of ancient Egypt, and maybe even earlier. For example, in Pliny's Natural History, one can read that imitation of crystal vessels with glassware was brought to a high degree of perfection, but this in no way affected the value of the real thing. That is, you can make a small conclusion that it is not so scary to have jewelry not with real natural stone, but with imitation, because they are not inferior in beauty, but the price does not bite them.

Of course, one should always understand and realize that the value of a natural product remains unchanged, no matter how beautiful the artificial substance is, but there is nothing wrong with imitating stones - on the contrary, such decorations are made so that every woman feels like a real queen.

A little later, we will talk about what glass is used to imitate precious stones.
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