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French spring in TUSO

French spring in TUSO

There is no woman who would never dream of walking through the narrow streets of Paris in a light dress,
with a bright silk scarf around his neck, catching the smell of fragrant coffee from miniature cafes and singing romantic motifs.

A unique atmosphere of France with TUSO! Atmosphere of taste, beauty and elegance.

Order in TUSO from February 27 to March 8 and become a participant in the lottery of exquisite boxes with accessories. Any order: from live broadcasts, online store, catalogs or Instagram, will give you a chance to get a magic gift from TUSO. Elegant scarves, branded mirrors, valuable sets with colorful inserts - all this is already waiting for you!
The grand lottery will be held on March 8 at 09:30 on the INDIGO TV channel. Three boxes - three winners.
Give yourself and your loved one a bit of Paris on a special day!

28 февраля 2018 350

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