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Imitation stones: types of glass

Imitation stones: types of glass

Earlier we talked about synthetic stones,
as well as artificial stones.
Today we will talk about
a less interesting topic about the types of glass used to imitate stones.
So, as a rule, two types of glass are used to imitate precious stones:

1. Kronglas, window or bottle glass.

2. Flint or lead glass.

Kronglas is a special optical glass.

Flint glass is an optical glass with a large amount of lead oxide, due to which it has a large refractive index.

Glass jewelry is made with corona or flint glass. The addition of lead increases the refraction and dispersion, so that the stones are very good if they are cut correctly. The only bad thing is that they are soft and can be damaged.

It is generally remarkable that jewelers can meet the needs of all women. Now you have seen that the imitation of stones is not bad, but on the contrary, only a big plus. After all, every fashionista can afford to look irresistible and elegant.

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