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Important secrets about synthetic stones

Important secrets about synthetic stones

Let us try to find out whether you should focus your attention on the fact that when you buy jewelry with mineral stones, and you are told that these are jewelry with synthetic stone, and then you are already thinking whether to buy such jewelry or not to buy. In fact, a synthetic jewelry stone is an absolute analogue of a natural mineral, but it was created in a laboratory.

Therefore, in this case, you had better talk about the benefits of jewelry with synthetic stones, because they exist, for example:

the use of synthetic inserts in jewelry production allows replacing natural mineral stones, which are so few in nature;

synthesis allows you to achieve the perfect stone: maximum purity, color saturation, in a word - perfect;

it is also worth noting about synthetic inserts, which are not considered to be analogues of natural stones, but from the very beginning they are the result of the development of scientists. They are such as: cubic zirconia, Swarovski Zirconia, Swarovski crystals, sitalls and sapphire crystal;

and the main advantage of artificial stones is the price. After all, natural stone will cost you many times more. Therefore, prioritize correctly. Remember that natural is rarely perfect, and this also applies to precious stones.

So, dear, let's summarize. Natural, synthetic and imitation mineral stones. Natural are the gifts of nature, and artificial - synthetic. Visually, artificial stones cannot be distinguished from natural ones. Imitations are similar to natural stones, but have different structures and properties. And if you're interested, then let's talk about artificial stones. But be sure to write in the comments reviews that interest you in this topic.

And as always, I do not get tired of reminding that in the jewelry salon TUSO you can always order luxury jewelry with bright mineral stones.

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