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Jewelry to match the color of the dress

Jewelry to match the color of the dress

Every woman knows that there is a simple and reliable way to choose jewelry for an evening dress - to focus on the color of clothes. Although there are no clear rules for choosing accessories, it all depends on your preferences.
But we still picked for you the best options for the selection of colors and scenery:

Black. You can bet on the classics - gold jewelry. Magical tandem black dress and gold jewelry always look advantageous.
Blue. Silver jewelry will reveal all the beauty of color.

Red. Self-sufficient color, which requires almost no extras. However, the evening image cannot be imagined without decorations. For red clothes fit accessories from black inserts.
Burgundy. Gold jewelry harmonizes with this rich color.
Beige. Beige goes well with any accessory.
Yellow. Win-win - green stone jewelry and yellow outfit.
Green. Silver and gold jewelry is the best choice for a grass-colored dress.
White. A complete set of accessories with stones. The image will be luxurious thanks to red gems and blue minerals: rubies, sapphires.
Floral print. It is difficult to choose jewelry for such a dress, because the pattern on the dress is already an ornament. Therefore, it is worthwhile to single out one of the shades of the floral print for yourself and pick up decorations for it.
Cell. To such a side should pick up the simplest jewelry. Laconic design, minimal decor.

We hope that our advice will be useful to you, but this does not mean that you should strictly follow it, because every woman feels in her own way fashion and style.

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