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Jubilee jewelry waiting for you!

Jubilee jewelry waiting for you!

Dear our viewers, until the end of the grandiose action "Valuable Jubilee", dedicated to the fifth anniversary of TUSO, there are less than a week left!
Therefore, hurry to place an order until November 22, to receive a gift of exclusive magic jewelry from your favorite television salon.
We welcome everyone who has already ordered for 10 000 UAH and is already guaranteed to receive a jubilee jewelry set.

We especially congratulate people who crossed the border in 20 000 UAH. For you, we have prepared a double surprise - two exclusive sets!

We remind you when ordering the amount:

3 000 UAN - get a silver amulet with a mystic zircon
5 000 UAH - silver pin and cross with a mystic zircon
7 000 UAH - silver pin, cross and earrings with zircon Mystic
10 000 - Jubilee silver set: pin, cross, earrings and ring with zircon Mysticism
20 000 and more - two-jubilee kits.
Hurry to get your precious gift for the birthday of your favorite television jewelry salon.
Become a part of the valuable history of TUSO!

* Only paid products are considered.

16 ноября 2017 299

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