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Live Coral - Fashion Color 2019

Live Coral - Fashion Color 2019

The main color of the year 2019, according to the version of the Pantone organization, was living coral.

The nature of this color is warm, energetic, charming - it symbolizes the need for optimism.
When you look at this shade, there is a feeling of comfort and coziness.

In general, in order to choose the color of the future, Pantone experts analyze colors in the entertainment industry, cinema, design, and study global color trends in detail. It is worth noting that Live Coral has a golden hue, according to the website of the Institute.

As you can see, living coral is the color of joy. So do not hesitate to combine with this wonderful color. A new trend will surely be appreciated by all women who love jewelry, because you can pick up a lot of luxurious jewelry with inserts of this color. Such shade can get jasper and carnelian.

In silver, coral inserts gain pure cold shine. This noble metal allows you to focus on the stones and not distract attention from itself.
Decorations with coral inserts will suit bold and bright women with a light disposition and love for experiments. Like any mineral, corals have special magical properties, which we will discuss later.
Meanwhile, do not hesitate and look for jewelry with coral inserts now in TUSO.
Catch the trend color wave first!

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