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Promotion "Generous august"

The weather has gone bad on the street, but in TUSO it is still sunny, as it is illuminated by a new action, which starts tomorrow

Make from 3 orders for the sum, from 699 UAH, from August 3 - August 31, get a chance to win a cash prize.

Each of the following three orders increases the chance of receiving the gift and equals the next opportunity to hit an extra lot in the lotto reel.

That is, depending on how many times the customer will make a three-time paid order for the amount of 699 UAH, the number of times his name will be in the lotto for drawing.

One participant, depending on the number of paid orders and fulfillment of the conditions of the promotion, has the opportunity to win several cash prizes. ⠀

💥10 participants will receive - 500 UAH.
💥5 participants will receive - 1000 UAH.
💥3 participants will receive - 2000 UAH.
💥2 participants will receive - 7000 UAH.

The winners will be announced live on Milady on September 15, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm by random draw.

Join the action and get cash!

Details of promotion:

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7 августа 2019 53

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