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Red thread on the wrist protects

Red thread on the wrist protects

It has long been known that the red thread on the wrist is a strong amulet that protects against all evil and brings good luck to its owner. Therefore, from today, meet on the TUSO air the red thread of Jerusalem or, as it is also called, the red thread of desires.
The secret of this wonderful talisman lies in the special ritual of its consecration.

At first glance, an inconspicuous ward protects you and your loved ones from the evil eye, envy and anger, from dark forces and magical rituals. Mystically and energetically human hands are different. The left accepts, and the right gives.
Therefore, the thread tied to the left hand is a talisman that protects against negative and energetic attacks, and the thread on the right is an amulet that attracts and preserves positive, success and well-being.

It is also important to know that the thread cannot be connected by itself, and if the red amulet broke or disappeared, it means that it has completed its task.

Turn on TUSO air now and order a red thread - a strong talisman and a symbol of good.

19 апреля 2019 107

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