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Retro notes in pearl jewelry

Retro notes in pearl jewelry

Beads, brooches, earrings,
rings and jewelry sets that are decorated with pearls in 2019 remain at the peak of popularity,
and if they are still stylized to the retro style, then you are in trend.
Too large jewelry in this segment is practically not used, choose delicate and elegant sets, such as earrings and a ring or pendant and earrings - thus you will emphasize all your originality and beauty.

It is worth paying attention to the beads in the form of one or two strands wrapped around the neck.

It will look very elegant if you put on small, delicate earrings with pearls, and a ring with a pearl will gracefully sit on your finger.
So do not think long, make small jewelry for yourself or your loved ones, especially on the eve of the New Year and Christmas holidays - you should be at your best. Moreover, the jewelry salon TUSO will help with this - now we just have incredible offers, reasonable prices and constant harmony of beauty and luxury for every woman.

TUSO - luxury is available to everyone...

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