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Silver sets with colored inserts from TUSO

Silver sets with colored inserts from TUSO

Silver is a symbol of spiritual purity, tenderness and beauty.
This miracle metal, when it enters the energy of a person, cleans it and promotes spiritual development.
It destroys and absorbs external negativity, so silver products are natural talismans,
which perfectly protect against various negative influences.

It is believed that silver is a pure metal of secret knowledge and power. They say that women who have silver jewelry have a special magnetic attraction and intuition.

Jewelry salon TUSO presents a collection of silver sets with colored inserts. Silver products TUSO can emphasize the inner beauty and charm of each woman. A woman who wears silver jewelry is hard not to notice, because such people are very sensitive, caring and emotional.

Silver represents the female energy of the Moon, which enhances inner beauty, thoughts, feelings, sensations, and awareness of oneself as part of nature and possession of its power...

23 апреля 2018 181

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