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Top-4 fashion details that make
the image more spring

Each woman knows that feeling when the first rays of spring sun begin to appear,
and all thoughts only about love and walk.
All year we dream of the day when it will be possible to put a short colorful dress,
Heels, sunglasses and fly to a meeting with adventures, succumbing to the warm spring breeze.

But what is about jewelries? About the details in accessories your attention should be payed for this spring, we'll talk further.

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Colorful motifs

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Flower is an absolute symbol of spring. At a time when everything blooms in nature we want to decorate ourselves with "live" accessories. Delicate pendant and earrings decorated with flowers will enjoy you in the spring day

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Bright colours

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Of course, there are very nice dark decorations, but you may wait for winter.
Spring is a time of bright colors and colorful ornaments, so choose them in your daily image.

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The original form

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Feel free to use unusual shapes and sizes of jewelry - these accessories were presented at shows of famous designers this year. We suggest you to pay attention to the massive necklaces and earrings.

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Stylish minimalism

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In contrast to the colorful fashion trends classical minimalism is in a favor. Decorations in a style will add to the image the tenderness and lightness and wonderful complement to any outfit.

There is still a lot of warm days, but you know how fast flies this great time. So you should hurry up and fill up the box with all the necessary jewelries to be in the trend this spring. Interestingly, what`s the jewelry do you prefer the most?

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