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Start the day with TUSO on Karavan!

Start the day with TUSO on Karavan!

Is it hard to wake up early? TUSO knows how to make your morning good!
Dear TV viewers, we invite you to have a cup of fragrant coffee. Turn on the TV channel "Karavan", on weekdays and on weekends from 08:00 to 09:50.

Spend the morning in the company of the charming leading TUSO. It definitely charges positive energy for the whole day. In the morning, you will receive a special, accurate horoscope from our astrologer, priceless tips for the whole day and a charge of unusual positive.
In addition, how without exquisite ornaments? Every morning on the "Karavan" TV channel TUSO prepares breakfast for you with incredibly beautiful, delicate, elegant and simply magnificent ornaments.
Start the morning with a shine along with TUSO!
We intrigue, surprise, inspire!

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