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Summer trends from Irina

Summer trends from Irina

Every woman is special, demanding and capricious in her own way.
Therefore, everyone carefully chooses jewelry for himself or herself.
Leading TUSO are no exception, they are constantly on the air and most familiar with all ornaments.
Of course, our beauties have their favorites for every event.

Moderator Irina says what classics are always in fashion. Gentle pearls, precious silver and classic jewelry always take place in the image of the presenter. However, do not be afraid of more daring combinations, because now is the time of experiments! Irina advises not to be afraid to combine silver and gold. You just look at the jewelry, combining these metals - the cool gloss of silver refreshes the warm golden hue, and together they create an impeccable union.

For such a long time in TUSO Irina has many favorite ornaments. In addition, she often talks about it on the air. The owner's Irina really deserves attention, because she tried and personally appreciated more than 200,000 jewelry models, which made her a real expert in her business.

If to talk about summer trends, Irina advises to give preference to decorations with bright stones, and not to forget about pearls (he is always in fashion) and a necklace.

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