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 Sunday is the time when you can sleep longer

Sunday is the time when you can sleep longer

Tired of the week?
Time relax!
On Sunday, January 27,
you can sleep a little longer,
because there will be no morning TUSO broadcast on Indigo TV channel.

And already from 10:00 we are waiting for you live according to the usual schedule:
Indigo - 08: 15-11: 45
Odessa-PLUS - 10: 00-13: 00
MiLady - 11: 00-13: 00
MiLady - 14: 00-17: 00
Natalie - 14: 00-17: 00
OTV - 15: 00-17: 00
ECO TV - 17: 10-20: 10
CARAVAN - 20: 00-01: 00
UA: FIRST - 00: 00-02: 00
1 + 1 - 02: 30-03: 30

Or follow us online around the clock from any device.

Do not forget that now on the air TUSO simply grand sales of last year's collections. Hurry up to buy your favorite jewelry at mega low prices.
With love for every customer.TUSO

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