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 The results of the action are generous in August

The results of the action are generous in August

The action "Generous August" made many participants happy:
As a result, 20 viewers received a cash prize: ⠀

Let's congratulate the winners:

Seamstress Yevgeny - 500 UAH.
Lyashenko Olga - 500 UAH.
Gubanova Lyubov - 500 UAH.
Dzhur Svetlana - 500 UAH.
Kopanova Valentina - 500 UAH.
Redchenko Zoya - 500 UAH.
Sosidko Larisa Anatolyevna - 500 UAH.

Dimova Anna Stefanovna - 1000 UAH.
Zharikova Nina - 1000 UAH.
Stepanyuk Lyubov - 1000 UAH.
Tonkovid Tatiana - 1000 UAH.
Chemodanova Irina - 1000 UAH.

Pozdnyakova Victoria Anatolivna - 2000 UAH.
Granska Tamara - 2000 UAH.
Undercut Ludmila - 7000 UAH.
Bilyayeva Lidiya Vsevolodovna - 7000 UAH.

And two participants were lucky to get a double cash prize:
Ignatchenko Tatiana - 2000 and 500 UAH.
Kobets Nadezhda - 500 and 500 UAH.

Thank you for your active participation and for being with us

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