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Top 5 trends of TUSO 2017!

Top 5 trends of TUSO 2017!

Fashion is quickly moving forward, tastes are constantly changing, and we always need new, interesting, unpredictable images to surprise others and ourselves. With the onset of the New Year, the fashion changes, new trends are emerging, and each of us wants something special. But we think that everyone is interested in learning the top 5 tendencies of the TUSO 2017!

Trend number 1. Ornaments with double-row weaving.
The work is complex, the product has a smooth surface and looks like a single whole.

Trend number 2. Jewelry with English clasp and buckle in Congo.
English castle is one of the most common and comfortable.
The clasp-ring, which is hidden by a thin pin, is usually called Congo. Such fasteners are reliable, as the ring of the earring is tightly closed.

Trend No. 3. Ornaments with white zircons and topaz of Tanzania.
White zircons are very rare stones, they are analogues of diamonds.

Trend number 4. Necklace with white mayorca in different shades.
Mayorca is an artificially created pearl, which is almost identical to the natural one.

Trend number 5. Massive bracelets (silver in gold).
In general, recently, mass, interesting ornaments are gaining popularity. Therefore, it is not surprising that in 2017 you have chosen huge silver bracelets.

So create your own fashion, choose your own trends, and boldly change your styles, directions!


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