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TUSO came to visit the winner of the promotion

TUSO came to visit the winner of the promotion "AUTUMN expensive"

The winner of the big action in October was the resident of Zaporozhye Vytrysko Larisa Feodorovna.
Our TUSO-hlyadachtsi got main prize - a certificate for 15 000 UAH for realization of the most cherished dreams.
We decided to come to visit Ms. Larissa and personally hand it TUSO certificate and stylish pendant, which she received as well as other participants.

The victory surprised our heroine. On your winnings Larisa Feodorovna learned not to live from our presenters. Ms. Larisa said about how she came to be known results of the draw: "This victory was for me a pleasant surprise gift. At first I did not believe that this is, I thought maybe this is my namesake, but when I called back five minutes from TUSO and was told that I won it - my happiness knew no bounds. "

In secret, Larisa Feodorovna shared with us that he plans to spend the prize on Christmas gifts for the whole family. "... because if I can take all their most cherished dream - and then fulfilled mine. There is nothing more valuable than happiness close and dear to you people. "

We congratulate our winner once again and wish that all her most cherished dream implemented. Thank you for the warmth and affection you share with the crew and we hope that you will find more than one TYUSO-win!

With TUSO dreams come true!

22 апреля 2017 277

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