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TUSO congratulates the winners of the prize marathon!

TUSO congratulates the winners of the prize marathon!

During the summer millions of spectators actively participated in the large-scale action from TUSO - the prize marathon.
You have purchased thousands of jewelry during these hot three months.
Jewelry salon skillfully pleased you with useful prizes.

September 3 on the channels CARAVAN, MILADY, ODESSA, VICKA at 11:00 was a long-awaited prediction of wonderful gifts and the main prize of the summer from TUSO-TV.
We thank every spectator who joined our marathon and gladly welcome the lucky winners of the grand summer event!

The dryer for fruits and vegetables won:
1. Tikhansky Roman Petrovich (Ternopil),
2. Kamtspko Tamara Alekseevna (Pereshchepino),
3. Stefunyak Inna Petrovna (Shevchenkovo).

Double boiler won:
1. Gladkaya Galina Antonovna (Gonorovka),
2. Stratiychuk Raisa Mikhailovna (Kagarlyk),
3. Oleinik Anna Viktorovna (Odessa),
4. Shevchuk Galina Ilinichna (Turilche),
5. Gonchar Lydia Viktorovna (Ivanovka).

Bakery won:
1. Babakova Valentina Ivanovna (Odessa),
2. Golikov Valery Mikhailovich (Kropivnitsky),
3. Zagorodnaya Raisa Vladimirovna (Kiev).
The biggest intrigue for three months of the prize Marathon. The happy owner of the main super-award – TV, became a resident of the city of Kiev - Studennikov Viktor Ivanovich.

TUSO once again congratulates all the winners! Let the gifts you have won and the jewelry that you have purchased faithfully serve you for many years and will be a pleasant memory of the unforgettable summer of 2017!
Meanwhile, the autumn has prepared for you knew unexpected and pleasant surprises! Closely follow the news of the jewelry store, so as not to miss all the fun.

Stay with us, because we give beauty and happiness!

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