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TUSO with you 24 \ 7

TUSO with you 24 \ 7

The ordinariness is sometimes so draining,
and after work you just want to just relax,
enjoy life, and not think about business - you want to fly into the world of beautiful fantasies,
vivid emotions and feel like a real queen.
Do it with TUSO!
We understand that for many women the best time to watch the air is the night.

After all, during the day work, family, children,
family leisure, and only at night, every woman can devote several precious minutes to herself.

That is why; turn on the air from 00:00 to 02:00 on UA: FIRST and take a dip with the leading TUSO in the world of luxury and beauty, or turn on our online broadcast.

Summer nights with TUSO

7 2019 97

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