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Ukrainian embroidery is an integral part of the wardrobe

Ukrainian embroidery is an integral part of the wardrobe

TUSO congratulates Ukrainian patriots on a big traditional holiday - the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery.
Isn't it great to watch the parade of Ukrainian embroidery every year?
Thousands of Ukrainians from different parts of our Motherland are participating in this large-scale action.
Just be perfectly aware that we are true patriots who love and respect their country.

Let's think together why embroidery is an integral part of the wardrobe of every Ukrainian and Ukrainian?

1. Embroidery - versatile clothing. They blend perfectly with jeans and business suits. You do not need to think long about what to wear embroidery.

2. This is a tradition and patriotism. Long since embroidery is considered a symbol and pride of Ukrainian culture.

3. Powerful amulet Embroidery, especially embroidered with my mother's hands, has long since protected against unhappiness.

4. In trend. Embroidery can refresh your look and add your own special blotches. Today, Ukrainian embroidery is an absolute trend that will always remain on top.

Therefore, we once again congratulate you on the day of embroidery and do not forget that embroidery loves necklaces. TUSO will help you choose the best.

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