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What decorations does Diana give to her mother?

What decorations does Diana give to her mother?

Diana says that jewelry and accessories are small particles of the whole image and, despite their small size,
they have great power, which emphasizes our beauty, and reveals the inner world.
The girl likes minimalism. Her style is based on fragile, delicate jewelry; it is unlikely that we will be able to meet her with massive or variegated accessories. Ear-pouches, small pendants, tender sets are Diana's faithful companions in everyday life.

The grandmother and mother of the presenter are also regular customers of TUSO. Diana never ceases to amaze them with pleasant surprises. The girl gives her mother a beam of silver, as well as ornaments with topaz and amethyst. Diana says that close people need to constantly make jewelry gifts, because it is so nice to see happy female eyes.
Choose jewelry TUSO and be happy!

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