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Healing Light Promotion Results

Great news❗Here is the end of the fundraising for the charitable action "Healing Light from TUSO", which we held together with the Ukrainian Charity Exchange and the Foundation "Svichado" in the framework of the charitable project "Gift of fate".We sincerely thank everyone for making this good deed a reality❗Together, we were able to ...

Promotion "Generous august"

The weather has gone bad on the street, but in TUSO it is still sunny, as it is illuminated by a new action, which starts tomorrow⠀Make from 3 orders for the sum, from 699 UAH, from August 3 - August 31, get a chance to win a cash prize.⠀Each of the following three orders increases the chance of receiving the gift and equals the next ...


New Year is the time when real miracles happen. We have prepared for you a special gift for the Christmas tree!It is necessary to start the New Year with brilliance, so TUSO announces the GREAT ACTIONS IN THE NEW YEAR, which begins on December 1 and will last until the New Year. When ordering any product from the valuable Heart - you automatically ...

Spend a summer with TUSO!

In the holidays and new impressions TUSO holds grand prize marathon, which will last throughout the summer. For the first time you have an opportunity to win so many wonderful prizes, and various kitchen appliances and the main prize of summer - a TV-set!

Charity event "Angels"

The power of each person in its ability to help neighbors and those who need special care. To the Children's Day TUSO gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to a great cause - to help children with visual impairments who are deprived of parental care.


New catalog "OBRANA" not only inspires for beautiful images, but also gives an opportunity to get great gifts!The novelty of a spring catalog - "TUSOVKA".How to get presents?

The promotion "The keeper of heat"

Mother's Day - a holiday for every woman, because eventually each of us become the same heat guardian of its family. This day is extremely desirable to greet the most native person in your life. Therefore, TUSO gives you the opportunity to make an unequaled gift to yours loved ones.

Promotion "Easter Traditions"

"Easter Traditions" – is a great opportunity to make the Easter day more exciting and enjoyable for the whole family. TV jewelry boutique TUSO prepared a pleasant surprise for you to the Ester.We will give you a gift for every purchased unit of the Orthodox products TUSO. Seven purchases – seven different gifts to your Easter basket. Taking a part ...

Ended the campaign "Spring grace"

So passed the first spring-promotion in TUSO of this year. During the month, our audience actively placed the orders to get their gifts. Recall that from February 15 to March 15, 2017 within the "Spring grace" TUSO all viewers had the opportunity to receive gifts of every five purchased decoration.