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Spend a summer with TUSO!

Spend a summer with TUSO!

In the holidays and new impressions TUSO holds grand prize marathon, which will last throughout the summer.

For the first time you have an opportunity to win so many wonderful prizes, and various kitchen appliances and the main prize of summer - a TV-set!

To get a chance to win a TV, just make six orders during this summer month in periods

from 1 to 30 June
from 1 to 31 July
from 1 to 31 August

More orders - more chances to win!
Monthly take a part in the promotion of additional prizes on the way to the main prize. Get a gift card, make at least three purchases, collect stickers and watch for their chance to win prizes.

Get two sticker if you order in the amount over 999 USD.
Every month you will find new gifts, so take a part in the giveaway of each.

* A part in the monthly giveaways takes all the buyers who had to carry out and pay for the at least three order to 30 (31) of the month.
** A part in the giveaway of the main prize takes all buyers who managed to make six orders and pay for it from 1 to 30 (31) of each month.

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