Social responsibility of business - a desire to maintain and increase critical views on life comfortable and healthy life of every employee, partner, and the person who needs it.
From the very first day of existence Television Jewelry salon TUSO openly demonstrated his social position. Participation in projects to make the world more environmentally friendly and comfortable - is an essential duty of every Ukrainian to society, part of which he is.
Every social step taken TUSO for 4 years, can not change the world for the better, but will bring each of us to create the life of their dreams.
The future begins with us!

Every drop of kindness is already an entire ocean

On the first summer day in Ukraine and in the world celebrate a good and joyful holiday - Children's Day.

This is a holiday and those who are always close to children who are ready in any situation to lend a helping hand to the little ones.

Within the framework of the annual project "Caring is the most important", TUSO joined its audience with a large social mission. In the period from May 18 to June 1, 5 UAH were transferred from each of your orders to the Kyiv city child's home. M. M. Gorodetsky. Thanks to joint efforts and collected funds, we all together gave children great joy - a children's playground for children.
Remember that great good begins with small steps...

TUSO - information partner of the Kadrovik Marathon!

TUSO always supports various interesting and useful projects, so, in September 2017, the TV Jewelry Salon became the official information partner of the marathon from MEDIA PRO "Hotline: consultations - 2017".

This is the main event of the autumn, a series of exclusive seminars for personnel officers, employers and personnel directors from the best experts and authors of the magazine "Personal Guide" - Victoria Lipchansky and Olga Kharechko.
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  • We support people in all areas of development.
    Therefore, it is very important for us to develop together with you!

    The best is for children
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    Everyone can bring the happiness to the child. Theres no much needs for it and TUSO knows it for sure by its own example. Children from the Kiyv boarding school No. 11 were able to celebrate the long-awaited graduation party thanks to you, guys. We hope that this day has become unforgettable both for them and for the people who helped this happen.
    Everyone who ordered our company jewelry from May 15 to June 1 made a significant contribution to the organization of a boat trip for boarding school graduates. In addition, children were given symbolic gifts silver angel-formed pendants, as a sign of a peace, love and harmony that children carry to this world. The children are our light, and you give them the opportunity not to shine brighter!
    Caring for the orphans
    For several years TUSO is patron of the Kiev City Orphanage of M. Gorodetsky for orphans and deprived of parental care. Workers television jewelry shops frequented by children's events, organized in the orphanage, and support various events held in support of positive spirit and provide material well-being of every baby. In addition to the regular delivery of necessary assistance TYUSO-team aims to simply communicate with children who are so lacking parental care. Dozens of similar measures firmly united group company and significantly supported children.
    "Kyiv be green!"
    In 2015, TV lounge TUSO joined the social eco-program 'Green Kyiv be "fine for a common goal - to increase the green fund capital and make Kyiv City Park. The campaign experts TYUSO TV lounge, including presenters, directors, call-center operators, heads of departments, a series of Saturdays and planted a whole avenue of trees, called "Walk TUSO." The event which not only united workers of all but confirmed active social position of the company - not to remain indifferent to his hometown
    Nongovernmental organizations Disabled
    Jewelry TV lounge TUSO supports projects Nongovernmental organizations of persons with disabilities. Kyiv. Together with them implemented dozens of important city projects aimed at facilities and an excellent life of people with disabilities, as well as taking care of everyone who needs it. Among the completed projects - installation of ramps in the department of social and medical rehabilitation of children with disabilities territorial social service centers Podolsk district. Kyiv. In the near future plans to open a number of convenient movement of people with disabilities buildings that make their lives a little better and more comfortable.
    Caring for children with impaired vision
    In December 2016 TUSO expands the boundaries of their social activities, starting large-scale cooperation with Kyiv boarding school 11 for children with impaired vision. Of particular note is the curriculum institution - for children developed a special training course with advanced study courses aesthetic specialty. This technique has proven effective rehabilitation unsurpassed collection of works of their students and the successful integration of its graduates into society. Heads and teachers of educational institutions committed to creating the most comfortable conditions for their bold and talented students. But to create modern conditions for treatment and training needed additional funds.
    To express his admiration titanic social work students and teachers decided to help TYUSO Kiev boarding school number 11 and make their contribution to the educational and material resources the institution presenting new lighting equipment and decoration for playrooms.
    Care Highlights
    The project "Care Highlights" TYUSO every viewer had the chance to join the great social mission of the company. 19 December 2016 10 USD from each order of esters jewelry stores went to fund the purchase of interactive educational games for boarding school 11 for children with weak eyesight.
    This step - although not significant, but was an important contribution to a brighter future in which there will be no borders for people with disabilities. Taking part in social initiatives we happy future even closer to us.