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TV salon TUSO is the first jewelry TV shop on all-Ukraine space. For 4 years we side by side cooperate with a number of the most professional manufacturers of jewelry of Ukraine, China, Europe, UAE and other countries. Reliability, quality and trust were and still remain main values in our work. Every week our team join new companies that offer their best collections for Ukrainian consumers. While increasing volumes and expanding range of products, we are always open to cooperate with new supplier companies in the areas of:


Imitation jewelry

Jewelry with pearls

Orthodox products

Jewelry with natural precious and semiprecious stones


Accessories etc.

Jewelry TV salon TUSO is a reliable partner for every supplier!

We provide:
Stable monthly income
Honest and transparent payment, according to the agreements
Stable sales of your products
Eliminating the need to develop your own sales channels.
Join our team!