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Jewelry TV salon TUSO is an innovative TV shop that is trusted by millions as we provide the widest choice of impressive jewellery for Ukrainian women and men, openly and truthfully always in live we demonstrate all the features and values of goods that we propose you.

TUSO is the best jewellery TV salon that was selected by you.


Beautiful woman is a happy woman! Harmony, charm, happiness, wisdom, unlimited inner beauty is what we value in every woman, its BEAUTY for which we are ready to impress and present the best. The best that TV salon TUSO can propose you is a wide choose of impressive jewellery for any occasion. It is important for us that treasures that we choose for you complement your charm and emphasise your personality. We cherish BEAUTY as value also in team work with our partners. Friendliness, perseverance and harmony allow us to walk together to the common aim - providing the best service for each client.

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Openness within team, openness with buyers, openness with partners are the recipe for success of a big growing company. By choosing this value from the beginning of work of TV salon TUSO we felt how this absolute openness won trust of every buyer. Every Ukrainian knows that TV-shop TUSO openly and truthfully talks about all the features of its work which guarantees transparency of activity of a big TUSO-team. We openly cooperate with many best companies in Ukraine - we are the first to get new jewellery collections, have the most favourable prices from suppliers, we are on air on popular channels. It is the result of openness that is the most valuable for us!


Honesty on every step of our work is a guarantee of clients confidence in quality and exceptional service from TUSO. We are for honest information, for data accuracy, for work exceptionally live. Honesty in work with channels and suppliers is the key and important value both for us and our partners. Quality of goods shouldnt be hidden, brightness and relevance of airtime is open and important for us information. We are sure that honesty is one of the key guarantees of our precedence among Ukrainian TV-shops.

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Comfort and maximum service for each client we provide by free and operative innovational services. We are keeping pace with the times and we aim to provide you the greatest convenience when buying: quality image that can show you 100% of jewellerys identity, quick number for instant orders, SMS-number for instant orders, the fastest delivery, convenient form of payment and more. And all of these are the result of innovative decisions on the structure and interaction with each of our partners. Convenience during buying is our main aim.