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TUSO starts with people - they make this company such as it is. A friendly, creative, progressive team - a success telesalonu. Create this team was extremely difficult, and even more difficult to maintain corporate spirit and inspire faith and inspiration in the hearts of people. In TUSO this honorary mission carries HR-director - a professional of his craft and a wonderful woman, Elena Semenets. In this interview, she opens their secrets of success, tell stories and give tips.

1. You've seen how most workers began a career TUSO. What about your own history began in the company?

My history in TUSO - case fate.
I was going to go to maternity leave, but did not know where. One friend said her friend director in gaining TUSO workers and I decided to call. We met with the director, talked for 2 hours, and eventually agreed to cooperate. At that time, as a manager of staff was busy, but needed a director assistant. I thought - why not! This is an opportunity to explore the entire company (at that time for me was unfamiliar direction telesales), the ability to help and develop. So from November 2015 I became a member of the family TUSO. In the first three days, I dabbled in many positions - operator call center Packerowomen, storekeeper, one studied the process is then described in the instructions for improvement. When I got into TUSO, the company was still half less each of us involved in many processes simultaneously trying to save money, did not allow unnecessary. That time for me deposited in memory only the best colors, we were "young and closer to each other."

2. What do you think is the secret of success TUSO?

How else can answer HR director :) Of course toward men! Key persons of TUSO believe in the success of their cause and their belief charged the entire team, their actions show how might succeed to all other family members TUSO.

3. TUSO-team has about 170 people of various specialties, age and character. How do you manage to approach each?

:) This is my job and I love her, and this, in my opinion, the main thing in achieving success.

4. What qualities do you value in employees above all else?

The main ones are consistent with the values of our company - is honesty and openness.

5. How would you describe a typical "tyusoshnyka"?

"Tyusoshnyk" - a bright pulse, which in the mind of a bunch of ideas and objectives, and who never for a moment stopped. A "tyusoshnyk" - a spark that fuels the more, the more it flares up, and along with other forms large bright sparks fireworks.

6. Without a doubt, you had some extraordinary stories or interviews. What you remembered most?

Even during my work as an assistant director I helped various departments. One of these was the HR-department - the people I found back in time and are still working in our company. And once we've directors and I took help. Found an interesting resume, but HR said: "He is very steep and vysokomirnyy. We will not waste time in vain, he still can not agree on our position. " I thought it was nothing to lose, and has invited him for an interview. And now our team is nice, pleasant and cheerful producer. This is not always on the photo and resume can make the right conclusion about a person important - contact.

7. What do you most enjoy in your work?

The end result - found a new "tyusoshnyk" happy employees and happy director. And of course, love our team. During the joint work we have already become true friends, these people inspire me and boundless positive charge.

8. What would you recommend to people who are just beginning or start your dream career TUSO?

My advice - stay themselves and never weary of a work. TUSO - this is the company that will help you realize all the dreams and desires, give you a second family and make life bright and pleasant emotions. And together we will make a beautiful and happy customers.

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TUSO starts with people - they make this company such as it is. A friendly, creative, progressive te...

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