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Height: 158 cm

Eye color: brown.

Education: actress of dramatic theater.

Favorite books: works of Werber, V. Shkliar, R. Bradbury, Vasyl Stus. Favorite movie: too many...

Often I listen to: Andriy Khlyvniuk and group Boombox.

Favorite Food: any chocolate meal.

I always take with me to the shooting: a large cuo of black tea. With lemon!

The motto of my life: Through the thorns - to the stars!

Dream of life: to write a book is not worse than "The Alchemist" Koelyo, to star in the film is not worse than "Amelie" and visit every corner of the world, and to release an album of copyright songs.

Hobbies: do not feed a bread, let me go in needlework! Embroidery threads, ribbons, beads, toys with felt or wool - is that I can drag on for hours .

About me: I was born at the lush Bukovina, in the family of railway workers. Since childhood, I knew that I will be a TV presenter. I remember when I was small, while the parents were employed by some work at the garden, I took a chair and a table and led them to various TV shows. The parents laughed and kept my game as different and then supported my endeavors in adult life.

How I come to TUSO: After graduation, I decided that I want to make a childhood dream come true. And in May 2013 it led me to TUSO.

My life off the air: I like to engage in creative work. Since childhood I liked singing and writing poetry. In the youth, I mastered the game on a guitar and started writing songs. Then the life has reduced me with like-minded musicians, and I became a soloist of the band, where he wrote the lyrics. So often after running concerts, I played in the theater, occasionally shooting, once I won the "Karaoke on the Square". I tried to write prose. Once I won a literary contest of W. Koval. After marring, I create within the family.


Recently I got a collection of poems by Vasily Stus. Every word touched my bones. And I, without even noticing myself, wrote a poem that uncovered in me that somewhere inside it had been pained for a long time - it was a sadness for myself, which I always experienced about everything, and which I lost for quiet family happiness. But as soon as I put the pen aside, I felt liberation and joy, so again I can assure that creativity is the best therapy.
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My own attitude to jewelry, I often express in the air. I think that is more than just an accessory – it is a philosophy of style, way of thinking and living, this is trophies, memories, the ability to identify yourself, and as Cocteau said: "..this is a simple way to say complicated things."My jewelry box - it does not a mix of brands or meaningless costliness, this is myself. Each ornament is filled with my exclusive content and has a special value for me. Of course, I have a few favorites amo...
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Increasingly, talking with friends I hear complaints of constant stress, insomnia and depression. People attack pharmacies in search of the most powerful sedative medication. And I say to all: "Why pills, when each of you have access to the most powerful sedative of all times - needlework!».Many do not believe in the power of the needle and thread, and by the way, scientists have shown that when needlework classes utilized the same areas of the brain during meditation. Moreover, research shows t...
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Hello to everyone and I wish you a good mood! It`s me again, the presenter Tatiana. Today, I have an unusual task - to demonstrate myself in the same way skillfully as jewelry from TUSO. Of course, it's not a broadcast, but here I will show myself at the highest level!I'll start from the beginning. I was lucky to be born on earth, sung by Rotaru, Ivasyuk and Olga Kobylyansky - from Bukovina. When I was 4, I decided to became a TV presenter. When parents was working in the garden, I loved to stan...
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