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Not for nothing, the female sex is considered beautiful. To decorate this world with beauty and grace is our vocation. Of course, each of us has a bad mood or bad days, when we do not want to pay attention to our appearance. However, even at such moments, it should be remembered that there are people near whom it is important to see us beautiful and smiling.

For a long time watching the happy families, who together for 30-40-50 years, I noticed a distinct tendency: in these couples the woman artfully combines tenderness, femininity, pliability and does not let anyone forget that she is a person. Families in which the spouses go out on the warpath, trying to share the "branch of the championship", often do not stand the test of time and break up.

Marriage is, first of all, a team game in which a man is power and courage, and a woman is beauty and tenderness, and of course in each half there should be at least a pinch of wisdom.

I knowingly put beauty in first place among the qualities of a woman. This is not because I consider it to be the main thing in a relationship, but because it is an important moment that most women forget about. People say that women love with their ears, and men – with treir eyes. And we need to remember this always!

A bright example of a happy family for me is my parents. Mom always follows his appearance, regularly indulges herself in shopping and never leaves the house without make-up and jewelry. And you would see how dad always looks at my mom! At such moments, you understand how important it is for every man to be proud of his woman.

I was passed this mother's trait - whatever it was, I always try to look like the best! I do not believe when someone says: "I recovered a little after the birth of the child, but this is impossible to correct." Believe me anything is possible! I twice weighed 86 kg in my life: the first time when I left ballet at the age of 14, and the second time in 23 – on the ninth month of pregnancy. And till now I am making significant efforts to maintain my form. The most important thing is desire and ... electronic scales! :) Strangely enough, most often they "decide" whether it will be possible for me to have dinner today. And they are the main motivator when I start to struggle with extra pounds.

I am pleased to realize that my husband is proud of me, and my son sees in me a good example of a well-groomed woman. It is worth trying for this. Therefore, before you leave the house without make-up and jewelry, think about - who then will decorate this world today, if you arranged a "day off" for yourself?

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