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I live music and art

I live music and art

Hello, dear reader!

It seems that we have seen with you! Similarly, in a live television TUSO jewelry stores. It's time to get to know us better.

So I Diana - TUSO presenter, musician and diligent student. Walks through life with the motto "Never give up", which helps me to reach new heights and find ways to implement his "I".
I have many hobbies, which can talk endlessly and with an incredible thrill. So that, perhaps, Go now.
Well, I live music and art. My best interlocutor of 5 years is invariably piano.

The sounds of this instrument - like a heartbeat in time with feeling. And yet, sitting down at the piano, a new Discover the diversity of its sounds. Incidentally, znedavna I also became involved in studying the history of art - very interesting, I recommend to all lovers of beauty!

I have, so to speak, interests - all memorable events and emotions fix the video.
Camcorder donated by my parents in 12 years, became my diary. And it remains to this day.

What I TUSO? Favorite work frame, but also the opportunity to entertain his grandmother, because she is desperate fans of telesalonu. You can not imagine what a surprise to her became my first appearance in the air!

Outside ether I are no different from ordinary girls - like reading books (times one hundred reread "The human voice" of Jean Cocteau), like to watch movies with friends (including immediate plans regular review "Home Alone" and "Angel-A") and can not imagine my day without quality selections of rock music in headphones.

Many dream ... In general the art. Extremely want to create their own music album or a film, which must be called once "cult." That this is me. I will gladly continue to keep this a monologue, but a little later. Time to gather to work! The main thing is not to forget ... phone, wallet, favorite perfume - always with me! Tablet ran to search and book Gumilev .. For a romantic mood today.

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