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My own attitude to jewelry, I often express in the air. I think that is more than just an accessory – it is a philosophy of style, way of thinking and living, this is trophies, memories, the ability to identify yourself, and as Cocteau said: "..this is a simple way to say complicated things."

My jewelry box - it does not a mix of brands or meaningless costliness, this is myself. Each ornament is filled with my exclusive content and has a special value for me. Of course, I have a few favorites among them, in the company of which you can often see me in everyday life.

Of course, the main decoration for me is my wedding ring - a symbol of love and fidelity. However, there is another nice expensive gift of my beloved husband - silver earrings with rhodium and zirconium. I know that it is the pleasure for him that I wear them more often than the rest of jewelry. At first when I saw them, I knew immediately that it would be a pleasure for me to wear this jewelry.

In the early days of my work in TUSO I bought a gorgeous earrings with amethyst. I really liked the stone and I could not pass it. Especially that it is recommended for me by astrologers. It happened that these earrings captivated my heart for many years.

In addition, I often wear an unusual ring with ornament “meander” - a very positive symbol that has deep meaning, the value of which believed since ancient times. I love beads made from natural stones - believe in their strength and admire their extraordinary beauty. I particularly impressed pearls, amber and garnet.

I pay special attention to the choosing of each ornament - if I choose very it by myself, I select very carefully the symbols and significance of each element of jewelry. And if I get it as a gift, I wear jewelry with great trepidation, and always associate it with the person who gave it to me. The main thing in jewelry is to feel not only their visual appeal, but also inner strength. And stop your choice on the jewelry, which is comfortable to you, despite everything.

Remember, the fashion - it is something that we are imposed and a style - is that we choose by ourselves.

So be stylish!

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