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Like all students, once I faced the question: study, work, or both?
Without thinking twice, I decided to take a chance and bet on my strength. Then I came to TUSO. For about a year, I've been working and studying in a non-stop mode and I have some tips for student workers.

The first advice to a working student is not to underestimate yourself!
Choosing a place of work, most students for some reason immediately run into the service sector.
I have nothing against this type of earnings, but why waste time on such a job, when you can immediately go to work in the specialty?

Believe me, many developed companies regularly announce recruitment for an internship, and an obligatory condition for candidates is a day-time form of training. After all, from such candidates can be made the real professionals. The main thing is not to be afraid and send a resume to exactly where you would like to work for many years. You will receive invaluable experience, and at the time of release will be in full combat readiness for adulthood. So, for example, working in the TUSO, I practice all the theoretical knowledge obtained at the university.

Tip number two - be frank. Do not hesitate to say at work that you are currently studying, and you will see how people will go to meet you. Immediately warn the employer about this and in the future, beforehand warn before important pairs or exams. But for teachers it is necessary to find a special approach, because many of them do not approve of the work during their studies. But in any case, they appreciate students who warn about such circumstances at the beginning of the year, and not before the session, when the class-book has a bunch of "tails" and absents.

The third advice - get a job in the summer. Than you will have time to fully integrate into the work process and prove yourself on the good side. Strongly do not recommend starting a job search in the period of modules or, even worse, during a session - regret your nerves. Therefore, I came to TUSO in the summer, and had enough time to get to know the details of the work before the beginning of the academic year.

Total weekend is my fourth secret. It is clear that when you combine work with the university, there are few days off. But do not forget that apart from physical rest, there must also be moral. Therefore, for me, the days when I completely forget about all my affairs and problems and enjoy the rest are very important. By the way, my own observation: an actively conducted weekend adds more strength and energy than a day of complete relaxation on the sofa at home. Although this kind is necessary sometimes too.

Lastly, remember - the more you do, the more you manage. Try it and see for yourself? :)

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